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Motorcycle Accidents

The busy roads of Long Island can be a very dangerous place for motorcyclists. When compared to their passenger vehicle counterparts, motorcyclists have very little protection. The absence of an enclosed structure, seat belts, and airbags puts motorcyclists at a much higher risk of injury if involved in a collision. The reality of our roadways is that motorcyclists are approximately 37 times more likely to die in a collision than occupants of passenger cars.

In instances where injuries are not ultimately fatal, motorcycle collisions can still have devastating consequences. Collisions regularly result in motorcyclists being thrown from their bikes and into the sides of other vehicles, structures along the roadway, or onto the pavement of the roadway itself.

Common injuries sustained by victims of motorcycle collisions include:

  • Traumatic brain injuries. While the risk increases for unhelmeted bikers, even riders that wear helmets are at risk of suffering traumatic brain injuries during a collision.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Severe impacts during motorcycle crashes can result in permanent disability such as paralysis.
  • Fractures. The severe force of the impact on a biker’s body during a collision most often leads to broken bones in the victim’s legs, arms and ribs.
  • Road rash. This type of injury results when a biker makes contact with the surface of the roadway during or following a collision. Road rash injuries can leave a victim susceptible to infection and can also result in permanent scarring.
  • Internal injuries. Blunt force trauma that often comes with motorcycle collisions can lead to internal bleeding and damage to internal organs. These injuries may not be immediately apparent but can lead to life changing or fatal consequences if not given prompt medical attention.

Most motorcyclists know the dangers they face on the road and take extra care to navigate safely. The causes of these accidents are often other negligent drivers. Being aware of the most common causes of motorcycle collisions is one way to help prevent an accident as you traverse our Long Island roadways.

Leading causes of motorcycle accidents in New York include:

  • Dangerous turns. Drivers turning into the path of oncoming motorcycles. It is quite common for drivers to misjudge the speed and distance of an approaching motorcycle. This results in bikers having no time to avoid collisions as drivers make dangerous turns at intersections.
  • Unsafe lane changes. Motorcycles are smaller and less noticeable than other vehicles that share our roads. Failure to check blind spots can lead to a sideswipe or force a motorcyclist out of his or her lane and into a barrier or another vehicle.
  • Speeding. Speeding not only reduces one’s ability to react to other drivers on the roadway, but it also leads to more severe impacts, which in turn, lead to much more severe injuries.
  • Road conditions. Deteriorating roadways, debris, or lack of necessary warning signs and signals can increase the chances of losing control or collisions with other vehicles.
  • Driver inattention and distraction. Cell phone use or other distractions continues to be a leading cause for many avoidable collisions on our roadways.
  • Car doors. Accidents can occur when drivers fail to observe motorcyclist on the road prior to opening the doors of their parked vehicles.
  • Sudden stops. Following too closing combined with abrupt stops can result in rear-end collision with severe consequences for motorcyclists.

Because motorcyclists are more likely to be seriously injured when they are involved in a collision, the expenses incurred in medical costs and lost wages can easily amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Our team of experienced attorneys at Walker & Mackenzie, P.C. understands how imperative it is that you be compensated for your financial losses following such an unexpected occurrence. Unfortunately, most motorcycle policies do not include No Fault benefits. However, operators and passengers of motorcycles involved in collisions can pursue a claim against the negligent driver who caused the accident.

Bringing a claim to recover can be a complex and frustrating process for victims. Insurance companies will often try to point the finger of blame at the motorcyclist even when the other driver is at fault for the accident. You do not need to face this challenge alone. Consulting with the experienced legal team of Long Island motorcycle accident attorneys at Walker & Mackenzie, P.C. is the first step in protecting your rights, recovering the maximum compensation possible, and getting your life back on track.

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